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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Steroids Hall Of Fame: Big Brown

In the wake of the current Olympic doping scandal, we'll throw in a quick update on my favorite performance enhanced animal. Big Brown, Winner of the 134th Kentucky Derby.

Let's start off by being fair. He was treated like a baseball player becuase the drug he took was not against the rules at the time he took it. I know PETA may say otherwise, but isn't possible that a fair definition of ethics is do unto others? We'll that is what happened here, except the "other" in question was a horse.

He gets in because he obviously needed the drug, stanozolol, in order to win the two Triple Crown legs that he won. We were told he did not get his May 15 injection, and did okay two days later in the Preakness but come Belmont time, reality set in.

We get back to the main theme, steroids aren't going anywhere. Especially if we are using them on racehorses. Heck it still isn't fully banned! Who's the animal again?

This time the user gets to play the victim card, and gets to use the "everyone else is doing it" excuse. But only because it's an animal that could not choose for itself. He also gets to keep his wins, his "harem", and all the sympathies he earned while racing. No choice = no shame. But, yet again we see cheaters prosper.

Best part about this issue is how little those that used and abused this horse (above and beyond what a non-steroid using race horse is treated) were punished. It's a sick sad world folks.

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