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Saturday, November 15, 2008

BCS Defender: The Perfect Set-Up.

Silly haters, you have yet to realize that the BCS is Chinese Finger Torture,  The more you fight it, the stronger it's grip on you gets.  Let's take a look at few examples:

1) The BCS Buster!  The mythical non-BCS cofnerence school that goes undefeated.  They are supposed to be the poster child for a playoff.  "THEY DESERVE A CHANCE TO PLAY FOR THE TITLE!"  Really?  You would have been happy seeing Hawaii play Ohio St for the National Championship last year?  There are two answers to that question, the honest one and the one you'l say out loud.  The honest one is no.  Same goes for Boise St in '06.  So because you fools don't really want an underdog to play for the title, you play right into the BCS.  You cry foul, create hype, watch the game this "buster" plays in, and you half root for them.  So you increase the TV ratings, increase the interest in the BCS and you give the BCS a  win-win situation.  If they win (Boise St) the BCS gets a historic moment people will never forget, which legitimizes this thing you hate.  And if they lose (Hawaii), then oh well they never were a real threat anyway and there's no way they should have been in the title game, which only destroys your beloved playoff argument.  Stop and think about this.  You do this all by yourself.  It's psychological and marketing Jiu-Jitsu. The BCS takes your "Buster" and makes you support the BCS and work against a playoff.  Congratulations hater, go drink another Bud, eat some Tostitos, and send your complaints via FedEx to the PWND Department of the BCS HQ.

2) The conference Championship game.  Some day, if I right enough of these articles maybe, just maybe, people will see that the Conference Championship Games are a bigger problem than the BCS.  And that getting rid of the BCS will leave us with so many of the same issues that the BCS is not the problem AT ALL.  Let's look at America's Wet Dream: Big-12 Champ vs SEC Champ for the National Title.  It's not going to happen, this year or any year.  Why?  Because the BCS is awesome.  Yes, awesome.  Why? Well because Florida and Alabama each have two games to play before they meet in the SEC Championship game

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