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Monday, December 1, 2008

NFL Cthulhu

Let's officially launch this puppy right, shall we?


I know why he got shot and lived.
He worships Cthulhu.

Who else in the NFL worships Cthulhu?

How about...
Kris Jenkins from the New York Jets, and...

Detroit Lions cornerback Fernando Bryant, and...

Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals Larry Fitzgerald and...

Duece will have the rest of the season to study up on his Lovecraft, and...

Madieu Williams wants in on the occult action.  You may not know his name,but he sure knows his elder gods.

Enjoy!  As I find more I'll post more.  We need to expose the occult underbelly of the NFL.  After-all there is a personal conduct policy to uphold.

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