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Sunday, December 7, 2008

An NIT for the BCS!

Yes, let's do this! A Tournament for the Screwed!

Texas Tech vs Boise St

This year it'll only be two teams. Some years it'll be four. But this game needs to happen and it needs to by pushed hard to catch the eye of the anti-bcs crowd. Of course even as many as an 8 team playoff would leave one of these teams out. And you'll only a very small minority of anti-BCS outrage defending either of these two teams.

And this points to something I laugh at when I hear people cry about the BCS. Playoffs are more elitist than the BCS. Look at the Big 12 South first.

A) Two teams got the short end of the stick, and playoff people want to give 2 if not all 3 of these teams a chance. Thus giving one division of one BCS conference an even bigger chance to win the title.
B) Texas. Everyone has their panties in a bunch over how Texas beat Oklahoma and got screwed out of playing for the National Title. IT'S NOT FAIR! Everyone has this blind spot about Texas' loss to Tech and how Tech has as good an argument about being left out. Playoff proponnents ignore Tech, and ignore the Texas-Texas Tech game. This is elitism on the highest order. Texas and Oklahoma are bigger names and that's what this is about.
C) How man undefeated teams are there? 2, Utah and Boise St. Watch those magically simple and perfect playoff formats appear over the next month and watch as less than half of them have either team and how less than a quarter of them have both. Yet the BCS is unfair.

Playoffs are nothing more than an excuse to have the big name teams get more of a chance. More teams playing for title means more big name teams playing for the title. More teams playing for the title means more big name teams can lose a game or two and still get to play for the title. That is really the crux of playoff arguments. Watch and look at the playoff formats and watch the teams that people plug in. The three teams I mention get left out repeatedly under formats of 8 teams and less. And 2 out of three get left out at 8 teams. Only formats of 12+ even get close to including all three.

I'm not saying I love the BCS. It is just better than a fixed, inflexible and a just as arbitrary playoff. I want something with flexibility that can handle as many different situations as college football can come up with. I want that beauty and that chaos to play out on the field and during the regular season. I'll plug in my format once the bowl bids are formally announced.

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