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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Patriots Playoff Hopes

It is very simple for them actually.  They need to win out and they need two of three teams to lose one of their last two games.  Those teams are the Raves, Jets and Dolphins.  4 teams, 2 spots and the Pats have no chance of winning any tie-breaker.  I like their chances frankly.  Three teams need to go no better than 4-2 for the Patriots to have a chance.  Add in the fact that the Dolphins and the Jets play each other next week and we are guaranteed one of those loses.  Then it really becomes, if the Ravens lose today and the Pats win out, they are in.  Not a bad situation.  Not the best, but if you can't control your own destiny this is the next best situation.  It means having to root for the Cowboys  :puke: put life sucks, and loyalty is hard work.

Warning to the NFL:  Do not let the Pats make it to the playoffs and find their running game.  If they learn to run, it's over and we get our redemption.  You think I'm crazy, but I am also right.  Yes their D has some major flaws, but if they can run and mix in the big play to Moss they are good enough to beat anyone.  The running game will be part of the defense by controlling the clock, while the big play gives them the ability to come back from a two score deficit at any point.  The running backs are getting healthy at the right moment.  Welker and Faulk will keep any drive alive on 3rd down.  The D will need to step up but it's not as big a step as you think they need.

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