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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Steroids Hall of Fame: Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson, Order of Canada.

Ben is the epitome of Epic Fail.  He was not a wannabe like Jose, or under-rated like Rafael.  No, this guy was on top of the world and fell all the way down.  Fastest man on earth, hero of a nation and inspiration for the Dublin Inquiry.  Yes Canada's Mitchell report was inspired not by the wholesale corruption of an entire sport, but because of one single man.  Let's get to the good stuff.

Drug of choice: Our good friend Stanozolol.  Or, according to his coach, Furazabol.

Excuse: "Everyone else was doing it!"  And sadly four of the top five finishers of 1988 100m in Seoul were found to have used at some point.

Reaction: He did his time, then pulled a Magic Johnson.  Comeback, after comeback, after comeback.  At one point he was so desperate and his reputation was so bad that he had to run a race all by himself.  I would kill for this video.

Delusions: He coached a soccer player and wanted people to assume his athlete was clean.
He was banned for a third time in 1999.  But does not the IAF use a lifetime ban after a second offense?  Yes, but he was so fast that the lifetime ban took 6 years to catch up to him.  No he found a lawyer who found a loophole.
He could design athletic clothes.
Someone was out to get him back in '88.
Thought he'd make a good pitchman for an all natural energy drink.

Poor Ben.  He obviously worked hard, but look at where it got him.  He's poor, living with family, a joke, and think of what he could have been had he done it clean?  Carl Lewis' bitch.  I feel zero pity for this one and he deserves all he's got.  His arrogance tops any I've covered so far, and his insistence on coming back made mocking him redundant.  Funny, but redundant.

Sadly this guy still craves attention so we have not heard the last from him.  I bet he shows up somewhere, if he loves us it'll be on The Surreal Life.

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Francis said...

This is an interview with Ben Johnson's coach, where drug use is discussed in some detail.