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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Steroids Hall of Fame: Bill Romanowski

And to break ground on the Roid Rage Wing of the SHOF, I would like to present to you, William Thomas Romanowski, football's original Romo.   We'll get back to this though, because I want to start with the standard fare.

Drugs of chocie:  The Cream and The Clear.  Yes, Romo was a BALCO child.

Montana sized ego?  Check!  Which brings up a question.  Does the go drive the drug use or does the drug use drive the ego?  It's the chicken and egg argument for steroids.  I can see both sides easily, but without solid proof on either side I will choose to lean towards the drug drives the ego.

Excuse used:  “I took it (human growth hormone) for a brief period and I didn’t receive any great benefits from it. I compromised my morality to play another two years in the NFL.”  I don't buy it.  His incidents go back to 1989 and they all reek of roid rage.  Again we stand in a place where we will never know the truth so we are forced to speculate if we want to deal with the situation.

What's he doing now?  Selling supplements.  WHY?!?!?  Why do you arrogant jerks not realize how slimly and disgusting that is.  I know you spend your life working out and treating your body like a machine.  I know you have the interest, the knowledge, and the experience to excel in this field.  But if you took steroids then people will think you are selling steroids disguised as supplements.  And that is not just the business you lose by being tainted, but also a driver for your business.  The people who come to you wanting steroids.

The Roid Rage poster boy.  No less than seven times Romo hurt, attacked, or was fined.  Now over 16 years it does not seem that bad, until you realize that two of these incidents were with teammates!  AND these are just what we know of.  How many people just blew off his antics because of his reputation?  I was going to list them all but I can't maintain my composure and have spent too much time looking into this losers life.  He is fascinating, but not in a good way or in a way that makes me want to continue further.

Again we confront the baseball/football steroid double standard.  Romo touched upon it in an interview with Roy Firestone.  He said, "I think this, the game of football, I guarantee you, will cost me more years of my  life than the things I put in my body."  He did go on in that quote to defend all the other of the 100 pills he was taking a day.  Vitamins, anti-oxidants, and the such.  But the part I pulled out hits upon the double standard.  It's about how difficult, violent, physical, and permanent the game of football is.  You can't imagine someone being a cripple for the rest of their lives after a full baseball career, but we see it all the time with football.  Football gets a pass on steroids because of this.

That's enough of Romo, maybe he'll get a second look from me in the future, but I'm done.  This guy has issues and whether his issues lead to his drug use or vice-versa does not matter.  Much has been said about Romo and as one that saw him play  he was one of the hardest hitters I've seen, too bad it wasn't natural.

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Anonymous said...

Hey I think that you're wrong in a few aspects. Romo used steroids yea sure, but I don't think that that was his original reason for being so intense. Romo was just and intense guy period. He only used Steroids in his last few years and not even really knowing what they were. His rage was driven mostly on his fear of failure. I watched a kid on TV the other day who had problems with maintaining his weight. He would work out constantly and hated eating because he was terrified of fats. And when his mother cooked for him not the way that he wanted then he would freak out and throw dishes and go downstairs breaking everything in his path. He had rage... but not RoidRage.
I think that this same exact mindset was what Romo had. I don't believe that we can judge people without looking into who they really are. There have been studies of RoidRage but only in 5% of the people that take Steroids.
We need to step back before we can start calling people names and get inside there heads