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Monday, January 12, 2009

Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson make it to Cooperstown

If you think I'm a wimp because I'm crying over Jim Rice finally getting his due, just note this one fact:  Jim Rice hit a Game Winning Grand Slam in the first Baseball game I ever went to.  I remember clearly my father saying to me, "You are really lucky to have seen that, it doesn't happen very often."  Jim Rice, of the Goldust Twins, now a Hall of Famer!  Thank you BBWA, you got this one right.

As for Rickey Henderson, he was a lot of things, including the greatest lead-off man ever, and a man that just loved playing baseball.   I also loved watching him play.  People don't steal bases today they way he did.  When he played, the light was always green!  He did not care about getting caught because he was going to steal again the next time he got on base.  This guy was unlike anything we have seen before and we won't ever see anything like him again.

I will let myself cry fully over this later tonight.  But for now I'll just let the tears well in my eyes.  A great player, a good man, a FANTASTIC dresser (I kid), and forever where he belongs.  I will gladly give credit to everyone that took steroids on for this happening.  If it weren't for them Jom's number's just would not have been impressive enough.  But because those inflated numbers are tainted, Jim's numbers look good because they are clean.  It's a messed up logic, but I am glad that it helped a good guy.  I'm glad arrogance got punished and decency was rewarded.  I don;t know what else to say but, Congrats Jim, you deserved it!

No, one last thing.  Retire #14!  Life long Red Sox, hall of fame, retire his number!

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