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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The 8 SuperBowls more exciting than #43

Okay, withouit even trying and without mentioning any of the four amazing games the Patriots were in, I will give to you 8 SuperBowls that were better than the penalty filled crapfest that was SuperBowl 43.

Not listed in any particular order.

Niners 20
Bengals 16

Joe Montana throws a last minute TD pass to John Taylor that breaks my 13 year old heart.

Bills 19
Giants 20

No Good Norwood.  Do I have to say more?

Colts 16
Cowboys 13

Won on a last second field.  The first important end of game FG attempt in SB history.  Forgotten because noone remembers any of the SB's before 1980.

Steelers 21
Cowboys 17

And interception in the endzone on the last play of the game is less exciting than SB43?  Can we say modern bias?

Cowboys 31
Steelers 35

The Steelers score two quick TD's to seemingly run away witht he game but Roger Staubach leads the cowboys back with 2 td's in the final minutes.  The fourth quarter of that game was one of the most exciting in all of football history.  There is no way 2 touchdowns in one period tops that.

Bengals 21
Niners 26

A crucial goalline stand by the Niners in the third quarter is key to holding off a 20 point comeback by the Bengals.   Goalline stand, including a failed attempt to score a TD on 4th down!

Broncos 31
Packers 24

Will anyone forget Elway's first down pick-up on their game winning drive?  Then add in the back and forth that was the second half and you had a great game.

Rams 23
Titans 16

A tackle at the goalline in the last seconds to keep the game from going to overtime?!?!?  Wow!

SuperBowl 43, as good as President 43, except that SB43 actually could have been worse.

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