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Sunday, March 22, 2009

MM09: Eight of Hate

The Editor (wife) suggested that I use the Evil Eight after I decided to use Suck 16. I liked it, but instantly thought of Ego Eight and realized that it sucked.  So sitting here this Sunday morning my brain came up with the genius that I went with:

Mock Madness 2009: The Eight of Hate.

One really big upset that was a sole function of my getting a plug from the nice folks over at Bleeding Green.  A Philadelphia Eagles blog.  Can you guess the upset?  I was too sick this week to try and find a baseball blog to balance things out.  I'll say what I did after Coach K was upset:  If you don't like the results, vote, and get your friends to vote.  Results.

(1)Bill Belichick vs Drew Rosenhaus
Yes, Boras went down.  This was the upset I was speaking of.  What can I say?  People in Philly hold grudges, and I can't blame them in this case.  No such bias will sway Drew over Bill though.  No way at all.
bill sf  and I could not find a place to steal from for Drew so I remade one from memory.  I know it's out there I just could not find it.


Barry Bonds vs Pacman
A clash of titans.  Titanic assholes.  Big giant head up the ass off.   Regardless of their egos, their arrogance and their stupidity is the fact that both men still think people want to see them play.  That is something else altogether.  I cannot think of a word to describe that level of disconnect from reality.  Honestly, the words we have for that just are not strong enough.
Pacman sf

Michael Vick vs Clay Bennett
Looks like the puppy killer is on an unstoppable roll.  I doubt the breaker of an entire city's heart can stand in his way.  But I do encourage Seattle's Latte filled rage to be aimed this way.  Clay beat Kobe out by one single vote.  
Vick sf
Roger Clemens vs (2)Terrell Owens
Four battles and two real toss-ups.  Rocket Roger against the lover of quarterbacks.  The tale of the tape on these two is enough for 3 Bill Simmons columns, and I'm no Bill Simmons.  (I'm shooting for a poor man's Charlie Pierce actually)  I am not that wordy, that full of pop culture refences, nor do I have the readership with which to draw upon their emails.  I do have demotivational posters though! 
Clemens sf 
TO sf

*whew*  We'll be down to the final four after Saturday!  And what a foursome it will be.

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