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Sunday, March 8, 2009

MM09: Most Hated Round 2

We had a #1 seed go down in the first round.  This will piss some of you off.  All I can say is that if you don't like the result vote and get your friends to vote.  Breakdown of the results over at PBI later today.  Here is how the bracket looks now.  Again, you have one week.  I will close this down on Saturday March 14.

(1)Bill Belichick vs Jeremy Shockey
BB has nothing to fear from Shockey's bad tatts.

Jerry Jones vs Al Davis
The ghost of crazy owner Future meet the ghost of crazy owner Past.  Who's nuttier?  Right now JJ looks like he got hit with a brain.  Dumping Roy, Pacman, and TO all in the same off season.  It's almost like he's swallowing his ego in a real attempt to win.  Meanwhile, Al is Al.  Maybe if he sparkled like a modern vampire people would like him more.

Nick Saban vs Drew Rosenhaus
Wow, this is an interesting match-up.  Drew's hate stock is falling a bit, but will bounce back once the salary cap ends.  While Nick's hate stock is falling due to the fact that's he's stayed put for a full calendar year.  I just think this will be the last win for either of them in this tournament.

Derek Jeter vs (2)Scott Boras

What we have here is our first Heavyweight bought of the second round.  Things start getting very difficult from here on in kids.   You cannot go wrong with either of these men.  While Scott is truly evil, I would not be surprised if Jeter scored an upset.  I will not judge you, there is no wrong answer to this one.

(1)Brett Favre vs Barry Bonds
Did someone mention Heavyweights?  This could be a final.  I could write 500 words on these two alone.  Funny how both their careers are done, yet neither can give up their addiction to attention.

Stephon Marbury vs Ron Artest
Two of the NBA's problem children.  Both more famous for things other than how well they can play basketball, and sadly they are both very good basketball players.  If we could get them to focus on playing the game they would be two of the best in the game.  But they are here because of their Ego First mentality.  Thug Life!  So sad.  I hate Starbury, because he ruined my dream face off between Brett Favre and Peter King.  King would go down on, I mean to Favre.  Yeah, I just wanted to make that joke.

A.J. Pierzynski vs Pacman
A-hole on A-hole violence!  Neither of these men has any redeeming aspect to their personality.  And if I keep talking about how good/difficult these second round clashes are I'll have nothing to say in two weeks.  But this is a good one.

Tim Tebow vs (2)Matt Millen
Another upset special?  Or can Millen show how dominant he really is?  For me this is a no brainer, but I don't think that is a majority opinion.  In tribute to my crazy friend we'll call this the Marvel Match-up, because of the alliterative names involved.

(1)Alex Rodriguez vs Michael Vick
Gay-roid against the puppy killer.  Oh my!  My loyalties make this easy for me, I kicked a puppy once.  I'll tell that tale another day, just know, he asked for it.  Not as much as his owner, but had you been there, you would not have been mad at my actions.  But you can make a compelling case that murder is worse than taking steroids.

Isiah Thomas vs Plaxico Buress
Speaking of we have the man that murdered a franchise, and another that murdered his career. "Shot through the thigh and you're so lame.  You give the Giants a bad name!"  Thank you, I wrote that all by myself.  Try to get that out of your head.  Isiah has the double advantage of being a sexually harassing pervert as well as being an excellent franchise killer.

Jimmy Rollins vs Clay Bennett
I hate Jimmy Rollins.  Because he knocked out Kurt Warner and I cannot fathom that at all.  So F-you J-Roll!  Clay you get off easy by being just a thief.

Curt Schilling vs (2)Kobe Bryant
Things are getting harder for our seeded players.  Kobe is up against the man that won't stop raping the ears of Boston sports fans.  I know, you like Curt for this because you think we deserve it.

Jason Giambi vs Joey Porter
Cinderella has a name and that name is Porn Stache Giambi.  Wow he looks hot in those glass slippers.  How does he ever get his steroid filled feet into them?  *barf*  Anyway the man that took out Coach K can easily handle the Mouth of the South Joey Porter.  Even Steelers fans don't miss him.

Roger Clemens vs Manny Ramirez
Red Sox fans have a tough choice here.  Heck the only thing harder would be if we threw in Nomar and Damon.  But we'll let it stand as is, too giants of the game, with egos to match.  Neither really worried about what other people think.  One is juicing up and the other is goofing off.  I'll admit, I'm a Manny guy, and Roger broke my heart too many times.  Roger was the first athlete poster that went up on my bedroom wall as a kid.

Tony Stewart vs Bud Selig
These two spoiled a Tom Brady / Peyton Manning show-down.  Tom would have beat him, yet again.  But the point is moot.  Instead we are left with a high quality consolation match.  NASCAR's biggest prick against the man that ruined baseball.

Tyrone Willingham vs (2)Terrell Owens
Congrats to Ty for finally winning something.  Poor Rod Martinelli, he can't even win at being hated.  Anyway, it looks like Ty will go back to his losing ways because there is no way he upsets the Pride of the Buffalo Bills!  Let's see: He hated Garcia, hated McNabb, loved Romo, so I think Edwards is in good shape.  Why? because he sucks so therefore he won't overshadow TO and peace will reign in western New York.

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Mike said...

Where is Tyler Hansbrough?! No one likes him.... He vs. J.J Redick would be an excellent matchup for who is hated more...