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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steroid Hall of Fame: Floyd Landis

This guy is a Grade A Slimeball.  One glance at his wikipeida shows that someone he paid has made sure he looked as good as possible.

  In 2006, Landis won the first edition of the Tour of California, before going on to finish first in the 2006 Tour de France. He was stripped of his Tour de France victory and fired from the Phonak team after a drug-control test demonstrated the presence of a skewed testosterone/epitestosterone ratio during Stage 17.[1]

Landis maintained his innocence, and he mounted a vigorous defense. Although Landis' legal team documented inconsistencies in the handling and evaluation of his urine samples, the disqualification was upheld.

Thank goodness that his Doping Case has it's very own page.

Let's be a little fair to the man, after all he competes in the dirtiest sport on earth.   People have been cheating at bike races since basically the invention of the Bicycle.  And hardcore drug cheating, not the Rosie Ruiz type of cheating.  The first cases listed at the end of the 19th century involved people dieing.  Even Bonds was not that stupid as to risk imminent death.

But he cheated, and he was really dumb about it.  When you stage the greatest one stage comeback at the biggest event in your sport, a sport know for cheating, you are screaming from the top of the Pyrenees that you are cheating.   An eight minute overall deficit at the Tour de France is a lifetime.  And to overcome that in one stage would take a "suprehuman" effort.  Let's get into it.

He went from the Whiskey Defense to the Mishandled Samples Defense.  Both are lame, but at least one is somewhat amusing.  Imagine competing on one leg of the Tour de France and then getting drunk enough to affect your testosterone levels?  Then competing the next day!  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.  He blamed his lawyers for the Whiskey Defense.

Claim to Fame:
Despite America's antipathy to the Tour de France it seems we've always had someone from our country who is in contention to win it.  This race is a big deal, and as a sports fan it is easy to see why.  Run a marathon x3 while keeping your balance on  a bike and then do it nearly everyday for a month.  So he cheated at a very big international event, got caught and then spent 2 years denying it.  He still denies it, and probably always will.

Drug of Choice:
Whiskey?  Honestly we will never know.

Legacy of Doubt:
What can an athlete do when accused?  Deny it.  Which brings us to Lance.  He has been accused many times, and has always denied it.  Lance and Floyd did spend many years as teammates.  So the doubt is there.  I won't fully tackle the issue until I see more, but for now the shadow is as over him as it Big Papi.

Again we come upon the recurring theme of Arrogance.  And holy crap did this guy have it!  He makes the denial by all baseball players combined look sane, rational, and minute.  He took his two year ban and is cycling again.   Crazy arrogant.