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Saturday, August 15, 2009

A moderate view of Vick, please read!!

The discussions over Vick have been heated and passionate.  I believe he deserves a second chance, but not a third.  I want him to succeed both on and off the field, but am not willing to overlook any off the field transgressions.  Guns, drugs, DUI, none of the things we expect of our star athletes will be acceptable.  He needs to live a squeaky clean life for the rest of his career.      So first things first, a reasonable and rationale letter to the Eagles Sponsors, asking them to participate in helping the victims of dog-fighting.  They own some of this and should act responsibly.

We Love Pitbulls

So let's take a real look at Michael Vick, both on and off the field.

I like this move for him.  If he is going to be a starting quarterback again, then he needs to learn the same lesson Donovan McNabb learned.  that lesson is that there is no room in the NFL for a run-first Quarterback, but that there will always be a place for a Scrambling Quarterback.  Use your legs to buy you time to pass, and to pick up a 3rd down as a last resort.  Always be looking down field.   (OT: Tim Tebow will face the same challenge.)

The Eagles made a good move because over the course of two years we will know a lot more than we do now.  If Vick isn't worth the option year then his career as a QB is over, and probably his football career.  The Eagles are a team perpetually in need of a good back-up Quarterback.  McNabb seemingly goes down for a month each season.  Having a QB with similar skills will make those injuries less severe and gives the offense a level of continuity they have not had in the past.  If he works out well, pick up the option, if he works out really well, pick up the option and trade him.

Off the Field:
I have lived in North Philadelphia and there will be plenty of temptation for Vick, for dog fighting or anything that will ruin his second chance.  North Philly is the real thing, an inner city with all the inner city problems.   But, if the head of the Humane Society is correct, then it is also a perfect target audience for Vick's anti-dog fighting message.   He's got street cred, and the kids will believe him, I am sure some adults will believe him too.

I sincerely hope this works out for the best of everyone.  The kids, Vick, the Eagles and the Pit Bulls.

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