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Sunday, September 20, 2009

BCS Defender: Nextel Cup

We follow Golf's fiasco with the place they got their idea from NASCAR.  I have already expressed my views on NASCAR without resorting to the use of stereotypes, even though the stereotypes are very strong case on their own.

Let's give NASCAR credit for realizing they had a problem, half their season was rendered meaningless, and that is not good for any competition based business.  So they at least had a real need for something, despite the history.  Just Like College Football, and like college football it's not perfect.

Most Championship format go through numerous revisions in the early years.  NASCAR made a small miscalculation by minimizing the importance of Winning races!  I am so glad they fixed that with the Matt Kenseth Rule.  That fixed the winning races problem decisively!  Until there was another issue with Matt, this time putting Kasey Kahne in 10th place despite winning the most races in 2006.  So the fixed for sure this time, that is until this year when the guy who won the most races finished 13 and out of the chase.  They'll fix it again, next year.  The third time is a charm!

Quick aside about winning because someone is going to yell about the number of games won, but in college football not all wins are equal but in NASCAR they are.  You race a similar 43 car field each week, and the top 20 guys are always there.  This is not Golf or Tennis where the top players pick and choose their tournaments and take half the season off.  In NASCAR you race every week.    In College football there are major scheduling discrepancies and it sucks that the big teams from the small conferences don't get the tough games they'd like too, but that has nothing to do with the BCS.  A Playoff won't fix this issue, it will make it worse.  More schools will want fluff schedules to increase their chances of going undefeated.  Compare that to right now when a school like Ohio St benefits each and every year because they schedule a bit time opponent early in the season.  They care about their strength of schedule, and win or lose that game they get respect at the end because they had the guts to schedule it.  In NASCAR a win is a win, in college football this not the case.

So beyond punishing the winners of races, the Sprint Cup is a corporate whore.  But to be fair, NASCAR's trophy has always been for sale.  But with all the history and tradition of NASCAR, you'd think they could come up with a better name for their trophy.  Maybe the Rum Runner cup?  Or the Duke Boy's Cup?

The other issue that makes the Sprint Cup worse than the BCS is the complexity.  Cry about polls, cry about computers, but explain to me the Point System and then explain to me the different point system they use for the Chase. And then explain why they use different point systems.  and then tell me why they don't just work off a money list like Golf used to?  He who has the most amount of money in giant checks wins!  Hate the BCS all you want, it can be explained to someone that knows nothing about football.  No I cannot explain each and every computer model, but I explain their purpose and how they balance out the emotional reactions of the human polls.

Finally was arrive at the lawsuit issue.  A fan sued NASCAR to get a playoff race at his local track.  It messed everything up, including the guys life.    This is what will happen to college football if the courts or congress get involved.  Let the sport sort itself out or disaster will befall all involved.

So the BCS is better than NASCAR because it can be explained easier, has a trophy that is not solely about corporate sponsorship, actually rewards teams for winning, and respects and rewards regular season performance.

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