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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Respect the Enemy: Jerry Jones

There is too much hatred in fandom and on blogs these days.  So I am going to do my own part to keep my hatred and anger in check.  Each week I will take out the time to give credit and respect to people in sports I hate.

Jerry Jones

This fat arrogant Texan scumbag has done something very smart.  Smarter than I thought he could be.  His refusal to fire Wade Phillips is the best thing he could have done for his young quarterback.

Every year we hear the debate in the NFL about whether or not to start the rookie QB.  The argument misses the point. The most important thing a team can do for a young QB is keep him in the same system.  That is why the Patriots refused to change things after Weiss left, they wanted Brady to stay in the same system, even after doing all that he had done.   Too many QB's careers have been ruined by coaches getting fired.  Fortunately for fans the NFL has learned this lesson even if the talking have yet to admit it.

So kudos to Jerry Jones for being smart with Romo and letting him develop under one system.  The Coaching carousel has many victims, and QB's are usually the biggest ones.  So even if Romo never wins a playoff game, he will be a worthwhile starter in the NFL for years to come, because Jerry Jones did it right.

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