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Saturday, November 7, 2009

BCS Defender: 4 quick points

It's the first Saturday in November, last month of the season, and I just wanted to point out four quick things about the BCS, and how things would be if we had a playoff.  People don't want to think about how a playoff would change things.  They only think about the last game of the season, they disregard the rest of the season, and that is the real tragedy of those who hate the BCS.  It is not perfect, but it does have a value, the regular season.  And that value would be thrown away the moment we have a playoff.

1) With a win over LSU, Alabama clinches the their division title, insuring a spot in the SEC title game.  In a playoff system their season would be done if they beat LSU today.  They would get their SEC title game shot and if they won that they would be in the playoff.  It would render meaningless an entire month of their season.

2) If Duke wins out they will play in the ACC title game, yes the FOOTBALL ACC Title game.  If they win that, in a playoff world, they would be in the playoffs.  DUKE!!!!

3) Right now looking at every game played, what was the biggest this season?  Oregon-Boise St.  That non-conference, first week of the season game stands as the most important game so far this season.  We did not know it then, because the regular season got to play itself, we can look back and say wow!  Boise St, if they win out will get their national championship chance because of that game.  Yes, I said will.  As crappy as the Big 12 is this year, the odds are very very good that there will not be both an undefeated Big 12 and an undefeated SEC champion.  The BCS has allowed us to enjoy the regular season and placed real value on regular season games in deciding how the season will end.  In a playoff the Oregon-Boise St game would not matter.  Both teams would win their conference and that would be it.

4) It's 1:05 and Northwestern is up on Iowa.  This is BCS busting right here!  Northwestern's entire season is made if they win this game and ruin Iowa's season.  In a Playoff world, Iowa still holds the tie breakers int he conference and losing this game would not cost them a playoff spot.  If Northwestern wins, think about the reaction of that team and it's fans and tell me you want to rob them of that.  Tell them how much you hate the BCS, and that you would rob them the joy of their upset and the joy of ruining Iowa's season because you'd rather see a playoff.

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