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Sunday, December 6, 2009

BCS Defender: Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Do you hear that?!?!?  That is the sound of millions of BCS haters desperately trying to justify their positions.  But this year they cannot.  The two best schools are playing, and both being undefeated means no one can complain about that game.  So the first tears were shed over the TCU  v Boise St Fiesta Bowl.  And this is a vile conspiracy to keep TCU or Boise St from embarrassing a BCS conference team.  Or it's a corrupt decision to make sure the season ends with as few undefeated teams as possible!  Or the reality is that it is a compelling game.  Every year at this time we hear about how none of the other games are compelling, this year you get one and it's a criminal decision that should be looked at by congress!

And shortly we'll get bombarded with idiots who think they can make brackets that magically make everything look perfect.  But it cannot happen this year.

In a 4 team playoff, who do you leave out, because it's not FAIR to leave a team out that has not lost a game.

In a 6 team playoff, who gets the bye?

In an 8 team playoff, you really think that GaTech, Oregon, or Ohio St, all with 2 losses, deserve a chance at a title?  when they've already chocked in big games?  TWICE!  And who gets stuck playing another undefeated?  Who gets the easy game against a 2 loss team?  And who decides?

10 the name of FAIRNESS you want to give either Penn St or Iowa yet another chance.  Nothing says fair, or giving the little guy a chance than giving the Big 10 an extra team in the tournament!  Think about that.  Every extra team in a tournament will be a BCS conference school.  If you go to 16 teams, maybe BYU gets added.  So which system is elitist?

The first problem with a playoff is, and always will be, is that it is inflexible.  There is no way  it's going to fit every year.  It will fail as much as the you think the BCS has, and it will fail in ways you have yet to imagine.  Each year yields a different number of teams with 0 or 1 loss.  But Playoff proponents don't care.  They just want their cookie cutter.  Every thing has to be the same size, it's only fair.  

The other problem, which is something that always get complained about with the BCS, is rankings.  This problem does not magically go away with a playoff.  Tournaments need to be drawn some how.  And there is no way a college football tournament would go unseeded.  

There is no good answer to the question: How do we decide who the best team in college football is?  Nothing will work, nothing will be fair.  And the best method is something we will never get to until playoff proponents can accept this fact.  No amount of anger or indignation will make a playoff system better.  I promise you, a playoff will be worse.

I am a Plus One fan myself.  I say go back to the old school bowl alignments, add in the Cotton Bowl, take your 10 BCS teams and have them play, making sure #1 and #2 cannot play.  Then take the top 2, from the 5 winners and play a national championship game a week later.    Even that would not work this season.  No matter how you cut things we'll get 3 deserving teams after the bowls.  

We can't resolve this and come to a reasonable agreement until we really talk about the issues.  Playoff proponents are the Tea Baggers of the sports world, clueless and unwilling to reason.  And probably have the same deep-seated hatred for College Football that the TeaBaggers have for America.

There will be more...stay tuned!

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rakeback said...

I think its pointless to argue over which undefeated team is best instead of letting their play decide it on the field.
The BCS clearly only cares about making money, otherwise how do you explain that this is the only sport in div 1,2,or 3 that doesnt have a playoff system to determine its champion.