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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Stop Thursday Night Football: Toronto Edition

Thanksgiving Day football is always allowed.  2-3 games once a year is acceptable.  But man the only interesting thing about this game is the speculation about what the Bills will change their name to when they move to Toronto.  And that, sadly, is the most interesting this about Thursday Night Football so far!  

Let's review:
Matt Millen should be allowed near a football game at any level
I have to make crucial Fantasy Football decisions before the injury reports come out
The match-up sucks!  (loser is officially eliminated from the playoffs!)
Who would watch this game when they could watch Oregon v Oregon St for the Pac-10 title?

Go support the petition, and join my Facebook group.  We have the power NFL fans, and if we don't exercise it now we won't be heard when it really matters (overtime, lockout, etc).

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