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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Boston Beatdown: Options

Trade deadline time approaches for both the NBA and NHL.  And with the Celtics and Bruins still struggling and dealing with lowered expectations, the rumors are flying.  But, tell me the options!

Bend my ear  
Twist my arm
Tell me the Options

They all suck.  But, both teams benefit from standing pat.

For the B's, the price for Ilya was too high, and he was not the scorer they needed.  And the scoring they need is not out there right now.  They need to find it on their bench.  They did last night with Paille stepping up early.  And they did in Montreal a few nights earlier with McQuid's early goal.  Come playoff time the first line gets matched up with the other teams best defensive line to shut them down.  This puts pressure on teams to find other scorers.  For the Bruins, that need is now, and thank goodness it is happening.  This will payoff, I promise you.  I say stand pat, do nothing. Play the bench, give them chances, and put the pressure on them.  If you aren't going to mortgage your future, then show them why!  Not trading them is a sign of faith, follow through and play them.  Give them Shootout opportunities, give them Power Play chances.  Open it up and go for broke.  Leave it one the ice guys.

For the C's, they can buy almost anyone they want.  They have such depth that they can dip into that well to get the player they feel they need.  Couple issues on that scenario though.  First is you need a 2 guard, because Ray Allen is still in John Stark mode.  And he is very tradeable with his expiring contract.  But the guy is money in the playoffs, and has hit several clutch shots for us this year, despite his prolonged slump.    The best you could do is break even on an Allen trade, because he will turn it on in the playoffs.   The other issue is that the Celtics will need their depth.  Of their 6 man rotation, 4 of them are over 30, and even if you trade Allen, 3 of them will be.  And if you trade Glenn Davis then your frontline gets very old, very fast.   We've talked about Allen, but if we trade Davis we don't have the big man depth to cover an injury, or even a foul out.  Sheldon Williams has been impressive when KG and Davis were both out, but I'd feel better with Davis.  And lastly rumors have involved Eddie House as well.  Again, we need a 2 guard, why trade a 2 guard?  And he's played very well since Pierce's injury, especially with no Marquis Daniels.  This team is too old to trade any of the depth.  And dumping age won't give you the gains you need.  Stand pat, get healthy, rest the geezers.  The ring is not out of reach yet.

Lastly, the Patriots.  They decided to let Belichick be the Defensive Co-ordinator.  This is a huge mistake.  Bill is already overloaded.  The brain drain has killed this team more than anything else.  What Belichick needs are older Co-ordinators who have zero interest in being a head coach (someone that's been there, done that, and sucked at it) to come in and stay put!  Just like the Steelers had Dick Lebeau and the Colts had Tom Moore.  Changing systems are the doom of any NFL team and that is exactly what the Pats have been going through since winning the 2004 Super Bowl.  Belichick's genius, like that of many great leaders, is to surround himself with smart people who will challenge him.  Then they hash out the ideas in heated, but respectful arguments, and come together and crush their foes.  That formula wins, it always wins.  And Bill needs that to get back to the top of the mountain.  Having less advisors is a step in the wrong direction, for Bill and the team.  Go get experienced help.  And give Wilfork his money.  Be cheap if you want, but offer him the same deal you'll give Brady.  Because you know Brady will take less to win.  Not because they are of equal value.

Weekly record:
B's 2-1-2
C's: 3-1

So much improved from that ugly January.  Things aren't great but the time to turn around is now, so there is still hope.

Congrats to Boston College for winning their 15th Beanpot.

Truck Day is friday.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Boston Beatdown: This is Boston Not LA

I had originally planned on starting this with the new year, and using Refrigerator Heaven as a tie in with the winter Classic, but I'm about as consistent a blogger as the Bruins are a hockey team or the Celtics a basketball team.

Anyway welcome to the new Weekly Segment where I use a classic Boston Hardcore song to tell the tale of this week in Boston Sports.  A wonderful blog-gag if, unlike the B's and C's, I execute it consistently.

HOLY SHIT!  Two teams from LA come into Boston, make our boys their bitches and plant that giant A-hole LA flag in our Garden claiming it as their own.  Green Card?  no thanks we are in EAST LA!  (Or hollywood east, anyway.)

Apparently LA really has it's own flag.

And that ugly thing sits in our faces as proof how bad this season of promise is going for both our winter Squads.  Well you know what they say,
You dance the same and dress the same
Won't be long (till) you are the same
You look the same you act the same
There's nothing new and you're to blame
And thus sums up the play of the Bruins and the Celtics.  Let me describe this past month.  I put my stepson to bed at 9, and then turn on whichever team is playing only to watch them lose.  The difference is that the B's had the decency to be down when I turned the game on, while the C's seem incapable of holding any lead, even double digits in the fourth quarter!

Of course both teams have trouble with scoring and of course both teams will be in the middle of trade rumors.  The B's have a better chance of adding fire power at a decent price.  The C's however have an issue, no one worth trading.  KG would be worth trading but he's injured.  RayRay is channeling his best John Stark, and that leaves Pierce and Rondo.  Pierce is a nearly washed up swing man that isn't going to draw people to the stadium, help your team win, attract a big free agent, or last a full season before getting traded again as a 6th man to contender next year.  And Rondo is your franchise right now.  Without him this team goes no where near the playoffs.   Red could pull off that magic trick and trade Pierce and a bench guy for someone good enough to get them over the top, then trade back for Pierce in a year or two as a sixth man.  But Drunken Danny Ainge is not Red.  I say sit KG until he's healthy and if that is not until next year, then we'll win or lose without him.  Better to learn how to win without him now than come playoff time like last year.

For the Bruins it really is just a matter of being willing to do nothing at the trade deadline.  Kovalchuk is out there, but the question is price, and Atlanta being dumb and not letting any potential suitor talk contract extension with him!  A sign trade is worth much more to Atlanta than just a trade.  I know the Bruins need scoring, badly, but like the Celtics injuries have murdered them this year.  I'm not saying a healthy B's team is the best option, but it's better than nuking what's been built for a rental.   I want Ilya, as much as any Bruins fan, and have no problems paying him.  I just don't want to trade away the franchise and pay for him.

You look the same you play the same
Won't be long til you are the same
You hurt the same you lose the same
There's nothing new when scorings the game.

Put some points up on the board guys.