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Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Night Miracles '10 wk 5

It is time again to pray my Fantasy Football Brothers and Sisters.  Pray for (or against) that miracle to grant you Fantasy Football victory this week.

I have 2 leagues up for grabs tonight.

In one I need Braylon Edwards to score less than 11 points.  I am very concerned about this.

In the other I need the Vikings D and Brad Smith to score for me 1 single point.  This is against a long-time fantasy sports rival and someone that witnessed the original Monday Night Miracle back in November of '04.  

My wife is rooting against a combined 75 points from Adrian Peterson, Percy Harvin and, LaDanian Tomlinson. While this is unlikely, it is possible enough to give thought to.  She's playing a good friend of mine who's off serving our country in Kuwait.  I hope she gets to make the brave soldier cry.

Share your hopes, your dreams, and your failures my brothers and sisters.  Together we can survive Monday Night.