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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monday Night Miracles for 2012

It started on November 15th, 2004. A Monday night game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys. I was working retail at the time and was working that night.  I needed a ridiculous amount of point between Donovan McNabb and the Eagles Defense.  I did my math, poorly, and figured I needed 4 TD's from McNabb and the Eagles D to shut out Dallas.

I got home from work and was shocked at the score. 49-21! McNabb got me my 4 TD's and the Eagles D scored a TD on an INT return. This gave me a disgustingly close victory of less than a point.

On that day a gag was born. The Monday Night Miracles.  Each Sunday night (late) or Monady morning, I will look at my fantasy football scores and calculate, obsessively and accurately, what I need to happen, or to not happen, for me to win.  I am guilty of occasionally taking more time to do this than I did setting my rosters.

Typically this conversational gag would take place on the message board where I met everyone I was playing fantasy football with at the time. Well most of us don't hang out there anymore and I have had no success in getting this going elsewhere.  I have not stopped trying because this is my baby and something I cannot stop doing.  Those that get it send me emails, tweets, and fb comments. They play, they get it. They want the prayers and good thoughts of their fellow fantasy sports junkies to help them win.

I ask for your help this season. Comment here EACH WEEK or send me a tweet @pipsbadideas, an email a smoke signal, or any other type of communication you desire. I've tried Reddit and may try there again. Tag or title it #MNM or Monday Night Miracles. Any variation of those 2 will be found by me.

Share your needs and your brothers and sisters in fantasy football shall pray for you.

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