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Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Night Football: Shame Night

We need a one night charity event where we have take the worst people from Monday Night Football broadcasting history and put them together.

OJ Simpson
Dennis Miller
Tony Kornheiser

With Eric Dickerson on the sidelines and Emmit Smith at the Half.

People can donate per Brett Favre reference, pleas of innocence, invented words, mispronounced words, jokes that went over their heads, plays missed, and just flat out WTF moments.  We could raise millions for charity.

Think of the Promo's!
One Night Only: The Juice is Loose!
What's worse than Lebetard on PTI? Kornheiser on MNF!
What you talkin 'bout Eric?
What you talkin 'bout Emmit?
What you talkin 'bout Dennis?

It would give the NFL an excuse to put the Browns on Monday night, because there can never be enough comedy.

And then to top it all off, you can do one of the celebrity guest interview that completely interrupt and ignore the game!  Who will our guest be?  John Madden!

You know you'd watch!

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