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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Steroids Hall of Fame: Home

Where should the Steroids Hall of Fame be physically located, if it were to exist?  Someday we'll build one, let's pretend we can and pick a suitable home.  I want your ideas.  I'll list the ones I can come up with, you suggest yours, and then we'll vote on it.

  • BALCO's old office 1520 Gilbreth Rd  Burlingame CA, 94010 - 1605  
  • Jose Canseco's hometown, Miami Fla
  • Barry Bond's hometown, San Carlos, CA
  • Lyle Alzado's hometown,  Cedarhurst, Long Island
  • Bud Selig's hometown, Milwaukee, WI
  • Biogenisis' old office 1390 S Dixie Hwy #1101, Coral Gables, FL 33143

The Hall can have Busts, induction ceremonies for those that are kept out of their sports' Hall of Fame. We can have all sorts of drug base exhibits. Imagine the Doping Wing, the Needle Wing, The Cream Wing, The disgraced Olympian wing, the Suspected but Never Proved Wing! 

Yes, we need to make this happen. Let's get the Kickstarter going!

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PS- Would you like me to keep going with the Steroids Hall of Fame series? cover Lance, and A-Rod and other cheating assholes in the future?

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