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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Last Fan Standing

I got New Mexico!!

Yeah I signed up, wrote a crazy ass piece for them, and I'm rooting for New Mexico.   I got a really good seed. I cannot at all complain.

Quick back story.  I signed up for a ton of this since Sunday night and one of them was this last fan standing thing.  Basically I am competing to become CBS' next sports blogger.  I got an email today at 2:30 telling me I had until 8 to register, upload a profile pic, write a profile, and a blog for the contest.  Problem was that at 5:30 I  could not log in.  At 6 I got the email saying everything was ok and I was able to log in.  So I had 2 hours to write a 500 blog entry.

No problem there.  If you can't pound out 500 words in two hours about something you love, then you stop trying to write.  The issue was that at 6 I had just gotten home with my step son, my wife had skipped her exercise class due to road flooding.  So I had 2 hours to help the boy with his homework, while my wife Wii Fit in the same room as us, make dinner, AND wrote 500 words.  I started this nice thing about how Syracuse's 2-3 zone is cheating.  Got to 75 words, realized I was not on a roll and had to change topics.

So I reached deep into my madness and pulled out a listicle.   Top 5 Esoteric Ways to Fill Out Your Brackets.  Oh yeah.  When New Mexico makes the sweet 16 and I get to write a second peice, people will be pissed.  I honestly thought we were competing against each other.  Oooops!

I'll have my brackets filled out tomorrow!

Happy March Madnessing!